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LG Show Is Said To Be The World's Largest Flexible OLED Display Area Of 104 Square Meters

LG has produced the world's largest flexible OLED display, and it is currently on display at Incheon International Airport.


The large flexible OLED display displayed by LG is not a single panel, but is made up of 140 55-inch curved OLED panels. During the production, LG worked with the French design company Wilmotte & AssociƩs.


The final size of this spliced giant OLED display reaches 13x8 meters (104 square meters), which is definitely a great showcase for the strength of LG technology. LG has set up two such displays at Incheon International Airport for use as electronic signage. If you are at this airport, you should definitely look at it.



The chairman and president of Incheon International Airport said: "These OLED displays are the perfect complement to our airport's advanced technology. We are always eager to showcase the cutting-edge technology from Korea to millions of travelers every year, and the flexible OLED display is the most Good example."

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