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The Module Of Led Lamps And The Manufacturing Method Of Led Lamps Formed By The Combination Thereof

  Technical background

  The LED lamps in the existing technology have a small luminous Angle, which is not suitable for the application of large lighting Angle.And each part of each lamp is usually a whole part, can not be combined according to the actual power and size requirements.In the lighting occasion that a few need big illume Angle, need to use big illume Angle and the lamps and lanterns that can adjust power.

  Utility model to solve the technical problem is to avoid the existing technology of LED lamps and lanterns is not applicable to large lighting Angle of applications and cannot be combined to achieve different power LED lamps and lanterns of deficiencies and puts forward a kind of LED lamps and lanterns of modules and their combination form of lamps and lanterns, equipped with the features of large module light Angle LED lamps and lanterns, and using LED lamps and lanterns module combination way which can reduce the cost of the mould, and combination to make the appearance of lamps and lanterns according to difference of the number of modules has a variety of changes.

Led lamp module2


  The technical solution is as follows: an LED lamp module, including a radiator for lamp cooling and an LED light source circuit board for LED lamp lighting;The LED light source circuit board is fixedly connected with the heat dissipating surface sticker of the radiator;At one end of the radiator, at least one module is provided with a positioning hole column;The fitting surface of the LED light source circuit board and the radiator intersects with the longitudinal central axis of the positioning hole column installed at a non-vertical Angle, so that the intersection Angle between the luminous surface of the LED light source circuit board and the longitudinal central axis of the positioning hole column installed at the module is less than 90 degrees.

Led lamp module3

  The number of LED lamp modules can also be other Numbers less than 10 and greater than i. multiple lamp modules are connected together by upper connecting plate and lower connecting plate.An LED luminaire formed by an array of luminaire modules, the luminescent surface of each LED luminaire module is at an Angle of less than 90 degrees to the longitudinal central axis of lamp post 300.This convenient and flexible combination enables LED lamps to achieve low-cost product diversification by sharing multiple components.

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