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Football Stadium Perimeter LED Display

Stadium LED Screen

It can meet the needs of rental, perimeter and fixed installation. This muti-functional cabinets makes the new items easily and conveniently applied in different occasion.

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P7.62 LED Display

It can meet the needs of rental, perimeter and fixed installation. This muti-functional cabinets makes the new items easily and conveniently applied in different occasion.

Product Features

1. Rubber protector for top of cabinet and soft mask and cover of cabinet in order to reduce the outside impact, avoid scratching. It efficiently protect the player from injury and screen from damage.

2. 65-90℃ angle adjustable back bracket. User can adjust the best display viewing angle for audience and camera shooting angles by the bracket. When rental and fix installation, the bracket can be folded on the cabinet.

3. Aluminum alloy is for the cabinet to reduce weight and achieve convenience. Iron cabinet is also optional. Metal power box for better heat dissipation, high cost-effective.

4. Fast lock & single cable design for rear cabinet, 30s only for disassemble a module.

5. Low consumption with energy saving chips, high bright led and PFC power switch. It could save 30% energy.

6. Super high resolution brings the exquisite display, meet the flicker-free need of the live camera lens switch.

7. Color correction: support dot-to-dot correction, guarantee the consistence of LED color and brightness, No chromatic aberration for new screens.

8. Automatic backup system. The parameter led display could utilize two computers to ensure interruption-free display of images and videos. For instance, if one unit was to turn off due to the reasons, the other unit will be automatically act as a backup solution.




Pixel Pitch


Cabinet Size


Cabinet Resolution




LED Configuration


Pixel Density
dots/ m2)


Drive Method


Grey Scale




Refresh Rate


Working Voltage

AC 220V/110V

Max Power Consumption

400W/ PCS

Ave Power Consumption

160W/ PCS

Working Temperature



Company Information

Our Services

1. Free inquiry before and after sale.

2. Provide 2 years’ warranty for free.

3. Maintain and repair. Respond in time (within 4 hours). Repair within 24 hours for common failure, 72 hours for sever failure. Maintain regularly.

4. Provide spare parts and technical support for long-term.

Packaging & Delivery


1. What is the life time for a LED screen?

The life time for the LED screen is basically over 100,000 hours, but it depends how the client is taking care of his LED screen and how it is used. When a LED Screens´ life time gets to 100,000 hours, it means that the brightness of the LED lamps of the LED screen is about 50% off as compared to the original brightness depending on several factors that will enlarge a LED screen´s life time or reach 100,000 hours.

2. How to protect power supply?

Electrical peaks can put more force on the electrical components which will decrease life time.

it is wise to install a protection (voltage stabilizer) that can control the peaks.

3. How to maintain the led screen?

The soldering of the LED chips can dry out and break which require changing often components such as LED modules and receiving card.

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